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Funny, great animation and probably the most "BRO" thing ever created.
There is just one problem, it needs subtitles...

∞/5 punches

Would see Saitamas floopy boobs again.

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How about you put another scarecrow next to her, maybe she's staring at it right now?
This is really good by the way. :D

MoonLordress responds:

Thanks. I don't think I can change this up tho - she'll just stay lonely, unless I disassemble her and bring her home.

There are only few flaws that can easily be overlooked. The small lines of lighting on the lower part of her dress and left hand look out of place. I also find the breasts to be awkwardly held back as if the upper part of the dress was made of metal, i think that you should have made them stick out a little to make it look more natural.

After further analysis, i noticed that her ears were weirdly placed, the left ear is really close to the center on top of her head while the other resides on the right side of it. I would have liked the tip of the tail to be longer and pointier, but this is just a personal thing. There are also a bunch of white lines between the left ear and right curtains, indicating either cobweb or cracks. Clarification was needed or it simply could have been removed, but now i'm just being nitpicky.

Generally, the picture looks gorgeous. I really enjoyed the colorful scenery combined with the pose which was simple yet fitting. One of my favorite things about the picture is her beautiful shaggy hair, i just want to pet it. :D

I hope my criticism was helpful to you
and remember to keep on improving!

ZeTrystan responds:

Thanks for the critique! Sure is nice to sometimes have a little one to help improvement. ;)

Happy you still enjoyed the drawing!

The way you colored the background is beautiful as it gives off a lot of detail. Except the metal fence on the right bottom corner, it looks far too dull compared to the rest of the environment. I would have added more rust, stains or texture so that it fits in with the highly detailed surroundings. As for Agent 47, you could have added more detail to his hands, especially to his left hand so that it looks more like it's tightening the silencer with a little more effort.

Illustrations that contain small tales within them when unraveled is something I like to take my time to admire, and in this case there isn't much to contemplate. I'd like a little more conflict, for example:

Agent 47 body leans against a brick wall while glancing around the corner, only to find a couple of guards inspecting one of his recent victims, strangled. He prepares himself to his next encounter by attaching his silencer to his silver encrusted pistol, while giving off a focused yet soothing look on his face.

Overall, this is a superb piece of work, don't forget to keep on improving! :D

Saultoons responds:

Awesome response, thanks for the in depth criticism I really appreciate it :)

I'll use what you've said to improve further in the future!

Thanks for the comment :D

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